As a founder, what is your salary? – HNN#10

This week on HNN! Mattan freestyle raps from his diary!


-find out how much $$$ Chris and Mattan make
-Impress your friends: Build a Web Scraper in 10 minutes
-Nathan Barry’s Lessons Learned Selling $355,759 on GumRoad (and the iPhone App Store)

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  • Michael Elliott

    What an excellent perspective! I don’t think people realize that the three ways to make money in a startup are as you stated: 1. Sell your startup (be acquired), 2. Go public (IPO), or 3. Sell products (or subscriptions, etc.). Thanks for bringing it to light!

    • chriscastiglione

      Crazy right?

  • Edward Leon Jasper

    I love the idea of focusing on a single goal before hitting up another; an essential lesson to learn especially when it comes to project management.