Ooops. Where did $147,000,000 go?!

Think you’ve heard it all? This third installment of Hacker News Nation will blow your mind.

  • $147,000,000 in Bitcoin. Where did it go!?
  • Mattan gets his DNA tested at 23andme.com. It’s like the movie Gattaca in real life!
  • The Motherfucking website you need to see to believe!

Ready to take a break from the family this holiday and have some me-time?

Watch this week’s Hacker News Nation:

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Top Stories From the Week:

Top stories from Hacker News! Read by Mattan Griffel and Chris Castiglione

  • chriscastiglione

    Hey Y’all Happy Thanksgiving from One Month Rails! Hope you enjoy this edition of Hacker News Nation.

  • Ryan

    So, will OMR start accepting BitCoin payments?!

    • mattangriffel

      Not until after we accept paypal 😉

      • Jesicka Labud

        Paypal!!?!? I guess that means “never”~??!

  • ZJEL

    A segment on 23andMe and no mention of the FDA ban that just happened?!? http://goo.gl/JoW0xw

  • http://www.quantifire.net/blog Will

    lol nice Game of Thrones reference.

    • chriscastiglione

      haha. Yeah I’m just assuming that’s how every episode ends. Mattan has seen them all and should have corrected me if I’m wrong. So I guess…. I’m correct 🙂

  • Jesicka Labud

    Hey guys! Enjoyed your video today. Watched it with my morning coffee. Hailing from Berlin! Have a wonderful weekend and hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  • cleytonmessias

    Hi guys,

    Really interesing all the episodes so far.

    I have a suggestion: In the blog post, besides the hacker news link, what do you think about posting all the links talked during the video?

    • chriscastiglione

      Awesome, great idea. Let me see if we can do that next week. Thanks Cleyton!