Chris Hacks JCrew…and Mattan drowns in sea of JavaScript (yuck!)

This week we learned the hard way to make our own site run faster, but luckily we have an easy fix. Wayyyyy easy.

And we’ll show you how. Is your site slow? Not sure? That’s why we’re here.

In this episode of Hacker News Nation we’ll share a few tips to make your site faster, as well as…

  • Why are software estimates always wrong??
  • How beginners can cheat at the Command Line
  • Ben Stiller eats success for breakfast (AND how to win Mattan’s favorite book!)

Ready to drop everything and get your fill on this week’s hacker tips? Watch this week’s Hacker News Nation!

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Top Stories From the Week:

Top stories from Hacker News! Read by Mattan Griffel and Chris Castiglione

Additional Links

  • ghostery plug-in: see how many javascript libraries a Website is using. Are you being tracked? Are you drowning in JavaScript?
  • segment.io – If you have too many services on your Website? Too many external JavaScript libraries? Great. You might want to try using Segment.io to manage all your third-party includes.

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    I’m first!

  • Chris Van Fossen

    “I can… but I won’t… hold myself back” 😀

  • Seph Cordovano

    Is that like a half apartment half office type deal? It’s awesome!

    • chriscastiglione

      Cool thanks Seph… Yeah pretty much, it’s our office, but we hold classes and events here as well. So it’s basically our second home.

  • Richard Batista

    pretty cool I think the episodes are getting better and better keep going guys

  • Tania

    Amazon Prime Air is so hot but at the same time, I feel really concerned about pollution!!!

    • chriscastiglione

      Good point! I feel the same way about Amazon Prime the way it is. Kind of guilty that an entire truck, fuel, and cardboard box have to be involved in shipping me….. a pack of new pens. #patience

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    What is the book called Mattan likes so much?