Hacker News Nation #19 – Y Combinator’s hottest new startups! What are Facebook’s Plans for Virtual Reality in 2015?

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  • Secret emails from Steve Jobs to Google have been published. Are they illegal?
  • These are the hottest startups from Y Combinator Winter 2014 that you need to know about
  • What’s Facebook’s plan for Virtual Reality in 2015?

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Stories From the Week:

  • http://crosscamp.us/ Simona Asinovski

    Oh I bet they are thinking of a whole new way to consume social media.

    Imagine putting on those glasses and entering into short clips of your friends’ realities.

    That would be pretty beneficial to people who are really aging, and would want to live through their kids vicariously.

    And it would be damn-dangerous-distracting for the rest of us.

    • chriscastiglione

      @simonamarieasinovski:disqus Whoa. I dig it. And it sounds like a scene from Being John Malkovich…

  • josephjrobison

    What was that startup idea generator site you were talking about? Where you got “Groupon for Beer” and all that?

    • chriscastiglione

      @josephjrobison:disqus Yup, it was Is this for that: http://itsthisforthat.com/ …such a fun site to play with.