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Hacker News Nation #24: Codebabes Teach You How to Code

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Hacker News Nation #14 with Chris and Mattan

Each week Mattan and Chris recap the top stories from Hacker News. Watch the video! We’re now available on Twitter @hnnation and as both an audio and video podcast on iTunes. 

Stories From the Week Including: Codebabes and Codedicks, The Self-Driving Google car and the New PHP on Heroku

This week on the 24th Installment of Hacker News Nation:

  • http://blog.piecesofcode.co/ Cleyton Messias


    Great video as always!

    About vaporware taked in the video.

    Do you guys think that we’re living in a time were most of things are vaporware or the media only covers it?

    Or maybe we’re looking only for it because its cool ? 🙂