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Hacker News Nation #26 – Mattan Crashes on Your Couch

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Hacker News Nation #14 with Chris and Mattan

Each week Mattan and Chris recap the top stories from Hacker News. Watch the video! We’re now available on Twitter @hnnation and as both an audio and video podcast on iTunes. 

This week on Hacker News Nation, Quora in the next YC batch, Amazon patents the white background, and Chris and Mattan offer you pennies for compliments!

1) Europe’s top court: people have right to be forgotten on Internet

2) Quora in the next YC batch (

3) Amazon granted patent for taking photos against a white background (


5) What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?

Here are a few we liked…

  • People are most likely to remember the first and last things to occur, but rarely the middle.
  • If you work in a bar or in customer service of any kind…Put a mirror behind you at the counter.
  • Once you make the sales pitch, don’t say anything else.
  • If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer, just wait.
  • Chew gum when you’re approaching a situation that would make you nervous like public speaking or bungee jumping.
  • People will always remember not what you said but how you made them feel.


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