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Hacker News Nation #28 – The Best of Hacker News Nation! PLUS an Announcement

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Hacker News Nation #14 with Chris and Mattan

Watch Mattan and Chris recap the top stories from Hacker News. Watch the video! We’re now available on Twitter @hnnation and as both an audio and video podcast on iTunes. 

This week on a very nostalgic HNN:

Chris and Mattan look back on some good times with tears and beers, before the show goes on hiatus. Thanks to everyone for watching the show, and stay tuned for much more to come from the One Month guys!
Check out these great moments in tech news from the last few months:

1. Apple Carplay 

2. Google’s Self-Driving Car

3. Codebabes and Codedicks 

4. Net Neutrality argument from Episode 25

What were YOUR favorite Hacker News Nation moments? Leave a comment below.