Hacker News Nation: Episode #1

It’s showtime!

Today I’m pumped to share our first episode of Hacker News Nation!

Students often ask me, “What do I use to to keep up to date with tech trends?” Y Combinator’s Hacker News has been THE place for about 5+ years now. The only problem? There’s too much content! (And if you’re not a developer then the stories are missing context.) That’s why we’re here…

Each Friday for the next month, Mattan and I recap the top stories from Hacker News for that week. Check out our very first episode.

Stories From the Week:

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  • Doug Wright

    Good work.

  • Roman Rodriguez

    Matt & Chris, it’s really good. Only to add my two cents here. I recently found out about http://www.hndigest.com/ which summarises the top X stories in the period that you like it delivered to your email. I am not associated with them in any ways, don’t even know who’s doing it, but it has helped me cut down a lot on HN.

    • chriscastiglione

      haha! Love it. Just signed up myself… it’ll probably help me searching for stories each week. Thanks Roman.

    • http://www.kalif.ca Gezim Hoxha

      Hey Roman,

      I run the HNdigest service. It’s awesome to hear that it helps you stay on top of HN. Thanks for the mention 🙂

      • chriscastiglione

        Gezim! Awesome. I just signed up… very cool.

        • http://www.kalif.ca Gezim Hoxha

          Beautiful! Thanks, @chriscastiglione:disqus. You guys are killing it with One Month Rails.

      • Roman Rodriguez

        Gezim, great things need to spread. When I found about it a couple of weeks ago, I was like YES!!!! Seriously, huge time saver, avoid scrolling down further, while not forgetting to keep informed. Might miss a thing or two that doesn’t get that popular, but oh well… . I use hackernewsletter.com too. Found it on Wired 101 (tech). Receive it every saturday. It’s a little different because it is curated into certain topics, so I get to actually see some of those things that do not get that popular. It’s my favorite combo (I use yours daily). I hardly look at any other tech news other than that anymore. So, thank you Gezim!

        • http://www.kalif.ca Gezim Hoxha

          Man, I got to tell you, it feels really good to have people like your product/service. Thanks a bunch for your kind words, @JRomanRodriguez:disqus!

          Keep me in check if, I stray with it, will ya? 🙂

  • chriscastiglione

    What’s do you guys like? What could be improved? Comment below 🙂 Episode #2 coming next Friday.

    • Alex

      Can you provide links for the articles?

      • chriscastiglione

        Yup! They’re right above, and on the YouTube page. See em there?

  • Roman Rodriguez

    More whisky and less tea 🙂

  • Steve Lim

    i love it! : )

    • chriscastiglione

      Thanks Steve!

  • http://artofadventuring.com/ Michael

    Hey Matt. Your one-month rails course was perfect when I took it several months ago. I’m now running a startup called ForkFox.com and made several other applications. It all started with your one month rails and now I can’t stop. I’m insanely addicted. I’m constantly reading books on Ruby and RoR, listening to podcasts even at the gym, and totally dove straight into the entire community and open source world. I came a long way but it all started with your course. Just wanted to say thanks!

    • chriscastiglione

      Awesome! Thanks Michael. I’ll pass that onto Mattan 🙂 Way to stay committed to the Rails journey. Did you make ForkFox with Rails after taking OMR? This is a GREAT site.

      • http://artofadventuring.com/ Michael

        Thanks!! I took many of the elements of what I learned from OMR and used it on a new app for ForkFox. Paperclip, devise, and on my previous design I had masonry. I still have a lot to learn but it’s been a really fun journey.

  • Phillipe Dongwoo Han

    Love the conversational tone of this series. Keep it up!

  • Ivan Kovacevic

    Top shit! Continue like this guys! 🙂 great work!

  • http://about.me/radekgrabarek Radek G

    Hi! Great job! I’m looking forward for the next episodes 🙂

    Some more specific feedback
    1) First story is too local – USA centric (greetings from Barcelona, Spain BTW).
    2) Only four stories were interesting enough after one week? IMHO 5 stories and 30 minutes could be perfect fit.
    3) In the next episode you should definitely mention about HN newsletters and other curation tools mentioned here in comments by your readers/watchers.

    • chriscastiglione

      Yo Radek! That’s awesome feedback. I didn’t realize the local thing until you mention it now. Also, yes… we’re going to try a few different things – so stay tuned and

      • http://about.me/radekgrabarek Radek G

        Hi Chris! I’m Amazon Premium (that is called Prime in Spain) subscriber, so in general this topic is global and I’m super interested abut it, but not in this particular case…

        Nevertheless, keep rockin’

  • yaelgrauer

    I hope you find your wedding ring!

  • scotthtaylor

    Very Diggnation-esque!