We got rejected from Y Combinator…

…the first time.

And that’s why this week on Hacker News Nation, we’ll be sharing tips for applying to Y Combinator. As well as the stories of the week: Coin, Google Books in Court, GitHub resumes, and the latest battle Microsoft vs. Children.

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Top Stories From the Week:

Top stories from Hacker News! Read by Mattan Griffel and Chris Castiglione

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  • Roman Rodriguez

    I liked last week’s but this one is a lot more substantial. The last article you mentioned was pretty interesting apart from being funny. While I agree with the bubble talks to some extent, I think the world of investing wasn’t ready for the big shifts in terms of how to value tech companies. And probably, it will never be. It is close to impossible to value something with no solid fundamentals. Valuing companies is still the same thing per se, but knowing the technologies being utilised and the inner developments of the industry are a lot more important than it was in the past.

    I recently read a blogpost that would have been perfect to add here but I really don’t remember who it was that posted it. It essentially compared the Basecamps vs the Snapchats. The first one is actually much more like good business sense always was. Moderate and continued growth for many years and a solid customer base. Focusing on creating a Snapchat is a waste of time. The likelihood of succeeding that way is even worse than the one one of winning the lottery. Unluckily, many people do not understand it this way, and that’s why I do see a major bubble. Not only in the baseless publicly traded ones, which are the ones that we would actually hear from the media, but in all those non-sense startups that are looking more to be acqi-hires than actual revenue generating businesses.

    In that, I think you guys have done great at OneMonth. It is important to highlight that you went to YC, to show that it is actually more about the people running the business, than being in the Valley, incubators and stuff and all that talk. Sure it influences people in various ways, but the long-term winners are normally the ones with the right mindset. I think you focused in what you believed, and you understood that to be viable you would have to earn money (should be common sense I guess). You’ve raised money, yes, but so do businesses asking loans to banks, etc. You’ve got the fundamentals right, and sincerely, I was happier paying for your course knowing all these. You can see a trajectory since Mattan did his course at Skillshare and the willingness to actually do something of value. Value should be paid. Proper valuation follows accordingly.

    Bravo guys!

    • chriscastiglione

      Thanks Roman! That’s awesome. I thought I saw a longer comment somewhere from you somewhere? I didn’t get to read it yet – but all the shout outs are much appreciated. 🙂

      • Roman Rodriguez

        You are right Chris! Haha just decided that it might be too controversial or long for the layback culture here. Was basically congratulating you guys because while being a startup with YC background et al, you’ve stayed pretty down to earth and far from what 37Signals criticizes in that article.

        I think particularly in SV, people just launch startups more with the aim of being acqui-hires than actual income generating businesses. And while I respect that, I find it pretty sad when they actually get to face the harsh reality. The Snapchats of the world are really few, and aiming to become one is pretty silly. It’s probably better to go and buy lottery tickets.

        • chriscastiglione

          Haha! We like controversial. You’re welcome to speak your mind anytime.

          Yeah… our main goal is not to aquihire, or IPO. Uh… not anytime soon at least (in case our investors are reading this). But we do have lofty goals of revolutionizing education! And to that degree we’ll keep releasing new classes, shows and tools to (hopefully) empower the world to create more awesome products. Or something like that ..haha. Anyways, thanks for the kind words. Your enthusiasm is well great.

  • hiAlexBrown

    Awesome! Glad that these are becoming a “regular”.

    • chriscastiglione

      Yay! Every week until the end of 2013. If we get enough interest than perhaps we’ll keep doing them into 2014

  • http://about.me/philhurwitz Phil H

    I’m in the same boat on coin– not really sure I want to take a chance on v 1.0 with my credit card info. Plus carrying around credit cards isn’t _that_ inconvenient, is it? I solved the problem of the fat wallet when I found this company, Big Skinny, that makes great super-thin wallets. Anyway, keep it up!

  • sdbeng

    Great video guys! By the way, David H. Hansson was the author of Ruby on Rails:)

  • Andy Dyrcz

    Are we supposed to reply back here? or to your email newsletter?

  • Andy Dyrcz

    David Heinemeier Hansson is the inventor of RoR


    Snap Chat is Absurd/Ridiculous – are they saying I cant take a photo of whatever is being sent? Strange Concept.

    • chriscastiglione

      haha. Cool Disqus name. It’s self-aware like a Woody Allen movie

      • SNAPCHAT

        say what? What in the world does that mean?
        Cool DQ Name. Self Aware like a WA Movie? I dont get it man.
        By the way, why do you not cover any Rails topics?

  • Tyler H

    You should introduce the nice lady in the background working very hard in these videos.

    • chriscastiglione

      haha we should! That’s our good friend Patii in from SF! She’s great. You can tell her she’s your favorite character on Hacker News Nation 🙂 https://twitter.com/pattichan


    Y Combinator is a like a Wealthy Uncle. Pour money on anything and it gets made. Just ask Google or Yelp.
    The reviews of how to get in Y Combinator come from the Horses own mouths.
    They have to like you – long and short of it. Hear the story behind Air B N B? LOL or “The Muppets” ?
    If Uncle and Auntie Like YA You get the Dough. To hire the contractors for your blueprint.
    The Strangeness of Harvard and Stanford Alumni are not how smart they are. But access to Uncle Rich.

  • http://www.AliciaTGlenn.com/ alicia

    Enjoying these weekly videos!

  • shriya

    you called Karen a guy haha

  • Garrett Duell

    Are you planning on having PostgreSQL training as part of your “One Month Rails” lessons.