Three Words You Should Never Use in an Email – HNN #12

Let’s be honest: we both get WAY too many emails. WAY TOO MANY.

I reply to most, BUT each day emails die in “inbox purgatory”. They’re like little angels that never stood a chance.

Here’s the thing: I found that my unanswered emails have something in common. Three words. Three words that we all misuse. Three words that make it painful for me to reply.

Mattan and I will share these three words. And teach you how to never misuse them again…

What else is on Hacker News Nation #12?

  • Announcing… our new weekly contest for startup entrepreneurs!
  • Why you don’t actually need jQuery
  • Chris & Mattan’s favorite dating tips (you won’t believe it)

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Top Stories From the Week:

  • John Moore

    Sippin on some sizzurp! LOL! Nyce!

  • John Moore

    You guys ought to charge people to eval their ideas/sites, etc…

    • chriscastiglione

      oh man, if we had the time. But we’re busy building new classes…and loving every minute of it 🙂

  • John Moore

    Quick question: Is Express/Node.js a RoR killer? I like Ruby better than JavaScript, but what do you guys think?

    • chriscastiglione

      No way. It’s a good question.

      But… It’s like saying people will stop eating Oranges just because there are now Apples.

      The truth is that the Node.js thing has it’s place for certain types of apps (those that are HIGHLY reliant on quick data transfer: think: instant messenger clients, or updates of a sports game in real time)..and for certain types of people (those who are already amazing at Javascript and fall into Node.js more easily than the rest of us).

      Node is great. But Rails isn’t going anywhere.

  • David Fox Powell

    You might not need jQuery doesn’t have anything about finding position of elements, which I image in a foundation of performing a lot of jQuery animations.

    • chriscastiglione

      Yup for sure. Thanks David. So…the main point of the article is that there are many things we do with jQuery that are just as easy to do with JavaScript

      ….and even moreso… this point was being made specifically for developers building plug-ins that use jQuery as a dependancy… thereby forcing everyone who uses the plugin to therefore HAVE TO use jQuery.

      But yes, the quick takeaway: something with jQuery are just as easily done with JavaScript.

      • David Fox Powell

        Don’t get me wrong..I think the post is awesome. I’m working on a project where we have dropped jQuery so I was recently working on creating draggable items in vanilla javascript. A lot of the bugs came after moving an element once and then trying to move it again. Vanilla javascript functions such as getBoundingClientRect() don’t seem to get the position correct of successive div’s in a container for example

  • robertwilliams88

    Thanks for covering my article. I think Mattan made some great points by breaking down his replies by effort level, LOL. I’ll add one: delete = almost no effort.

    • chriscastiglione