The 1% Rule …and Software Predictions for 2014

You’ll agree with me when I say…

There’s too much information online. And not enough understanding.

Ready for your fill this week?

  1. Which huge online retailer thinks Bitcoin is the future?
  2. Dying startup… comes clean!
  3. Software Predictions for 2014

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  • brendan

    I feel like this is an awful question – but I see you guys talk about HackerNews a lot, and I’ve obviously seen other developers talk about it as well. But to me, it just seems like a different, and unnecessary version of reddit. Why don’t you just use reddit, instead? Whats the primary difference?

    I see that you can’t downvote. That sounds worse, to me. Also, you cant easily hide a stream of comments for easy viewing. Is there a correlation between being a “hacker” and intentionally having a bad user experience?

    • chriscastiglione

      Thanks for the edit… if only because I love the honesty and snapshot 🙂

      You’re totally right… at the end of the day they’re just different communities.

      HN comes was created by Paul Graham (Y Combinator) so it definitely has a niche startup focus. Mattan and I heard things from our students that the site’s news was difficult to understand… so we spun up the show. I think in the future we may choose stories that aren’t just on HN, but we’ll probably keep the name.

      • brendan

        I think I originally wrote, like, “You guys seem to talk about Hacker News a lot” and then later in the day I said to myself “Did I seriously write that on a video entitled ‘Hacker News Nation'”?


        • chriscastiglione

          haha. 😉

  • Richard Batista

    It’s funny how chris is giving out his phone number on this cast. I wonder if I text you will you respond. pretty cool guys like always. loved the 1% will think about that for my start-up. if you like chris check-out my blog http://getintoycombinator.com/ it talks about how I plan to get my start-up into y-combinator also Mattan is mentioned in my blog post.

    • chriscastiglione

      Hey Richard! That’s a great idea for a blog – I think people are really going to dig this. If you have questions about YC Mattan and I are happy to give some tips. Best!

  • Marc Roth

    My pre-dick-shun: I think more apps will tell you to go to hell if you don’t update to the newest version of the app. Lyft does it. At least it did to me last month. When I finally get my first app in the store, I’m going to require current version and blow off the people who don’t update. I found it hilarious when you said what is Windows programmed in. C# (what I used to code, but don’t anymore) is probably the dominant language, but to the best of my knowledge, it works like all Visual Studio programming, you can pick from 5 or so languages and it’s compiled down into C++ (I think that’s what CLR is). Sad that I made a career on the back of Microsoft and now I’m blowing off Windows Phone users along with people who don’t update my app.

    • chriscastiglione

      Ah! I didn’t know Lyft does that. Super interesting. I wish I could have done that to all the Internet Explorer 6 users back in the day. They made my life as a Web Dev miserable! Haha. Thanks for sharing Marc 🙂